Science Podcast

The Wild Life is a science podcast based on real-world research, and a production of Sophie Gilbert, a wildlife ecology PhD student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. We explore all kinds of science topics and get our hands dirty outside with research scientists, finding exciting and dynamic adventures for all ages, from kids to adults.

Each video is available for download and re-use under a creative commons license, allowing educational and non-profit use with attribution.

The early days: Our research follows a fawn’s firsts steps

How long do most deer live? Why are fawns so vulnerable to predation when they are young?

Labrador genetics: coat color and the mystery of the dyhybrid cross

What’s the difference between a yellow, black, and chocolate labrador? labradors are a great example of a 2-allele genetic system, in this case controlling coat color. Come explore the world of the dyhybrid cross! DOWNLOAD>


The 7 Signs of Life: from deer to bacteria

What do a sea slug, and elephant seal, a flamingo, and a mushroom all have in common? Find out as we explore the 7 signs of life.


Intro to predator and prey

A brief introduction or trailer for predator prey dynamics, with a “full-length” version to follow soon.


Glaciers! Introduction

An up-close look at the wild, dynamic side of glaciers with researcher Tim Bartholomaus at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


Measuring wild, woolly, slimy, sneaky animals

In this podcast, we explore how ecologists gather data on wild animals with  5 wildlife ecologists in Alaska. DOWNLOAD>


An introduction to ecologist and Wild Life podcast host Sophie Gilbert’s research on deer in Southeast Alaska. DOWNLOAD>