Research News:

It’s hard to believe, but fieldwork for the deer project concluded this June (2013). We’re moving ahead with analysis now, which is exciting- what will we learn from these four years of work in the Tongass rainforest of Alaska?

As we begin to piece together the story about deer, climate, habitat, and predation hidden in our huge data set, we will be sharing our results with colleagues and the public. Below I’ve listed some of the professional meetings where you can find our work. If you’d like to talk about this work, either at one of these conferences or otherwise, please get in touch

July 2014: North American Conference for Conservation Biology, Missoula, MT

October 2014: The Wildlife Society Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA


More About Our Research:

THE DEER PROJECT focuses on the effects of changing habitat and climate on Sitka black-tailed deer in Southeast Alaska by examining survival and reproduction, the key components of animal fitness and important drivers of population dynamics.

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